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My name is Shana Acker and I am a professional graphic designer with over 16 years of experience in designing everything from logos, advertisements and brochures to magazines, websites and email blasts. 
My mission is to provide service to all of my clients with the same honesty, loyalty, and effectiveness without the high expenses. 

I especially enjoy helping new start-up businesses design logos and complimenting marketing pieces that ensure that their branding is cohesive. We live in a world where we are inundated with hundreds of advertising messages every day - you want to make sure yours is noticed and creates a call to action. 
Additionally, because of the quantities of materials that I have printed, I am able to get print services at wholesale prices. That's a savings of 20%-30%!
Please don't hesitate to call or email me for a quote or if you have any questions. I welcome the opportunity to assist your organization in reaching your graphic design and marketing goals.


"Enhance SWFL's hugely successful launch issue can directly be attributed to Shana Acker. Shana's unparalleled and positive work ethic, ability to execute design direction without hesitation at a moment's notice, as well as her technical and creative expertise, cumulatively were invaluable assets in getting the magazine from the conceptual to completion phase! Not only was enhance SWFL privileged to enlist Shana's services in implementing the overall design and layout of enhance SWFL, but having created a vast majority of the ads in our publication, our advertisers are equally impressed, satisfied and grateful for Shana. Shana was always accessible, and went beyond the call of duty to fulfill the target publishing date of the premiere issue. Hence, I would highly recommend Shana of Acker Design Group if you are seeking a reliable, quality conscience designer to produce a superior product." 
– Caroline Ziegler, Publisher, enhance SWFL 


"After spotting Shana's ad on a popular website, I was intrigued to give her a call. If anyone knows anything about graphics designers, this is always a risky proposition. However, her portfolio was just too good to ignore. After explaining my needs and budget, Shana agreed to take the project on. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting much. Due to my limited budget, and being let down by many other "designers" work ethic and shoddy creative efforts, I was thinking I'd get much the same. To say Shana Acker came through with flying colors would be an understatement – she ROCKED the job! Not only that, she did so with lightening speed and was able put together my magazine in four days! Aside from Shana’s incredible work, she is a person of her word and will complete your project on-time every time... oh yeah, she's also a JOY to work with and she is now my go-to designer for almost anything."
– Joe Grasso, Publisher of Civil News


"Shana Acker  is an asset to anyone seeking the services of a freelance designer. She is the complete package that includes a professional attitude, exceptional skills and an impeccable work ethic. In 2009 she took my idea and created an image that is now showcased in over 300 Hallmark stores throughout 40 states in less than 8 months. I can best describe Shana as the designer part of my idealistic brain. 
I credit her work with our fast nationwide expansion and look forward to continuing our relationship indefinitely." 
-Keith Franklin, President of Franklin Signature Company  www.babyonthewaycollection.com

"I would highly recommend Shana Acker of
Acker Design Group. She is responsible for all of my advertising designs and layout for my magazine Delaware Seniors Out-n-About. She eagerly participates with me, sharing her ideas and expertise, and is always ready to jump in anywhere I need help. Shana works efficiently analyzing our needs and transforms them into successful print campaigns. Her projects are on time and affordable. Thank you for all of your hard work!"

 Kelly Lyons, Publisher/Owner of Delaware Seniors Out-n-About LLC